Russell Hampsey: Prospective on Leadership

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, November 3, 2018 / — Russell Hampsey (Russ) is a Florida based cognitive solutions consultant providing integrated results that address needs (both industry and business) while supporting IBM’s business strategies. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Hampsey dedicated a life of service to helping the Department of Defense as a Psychological Operations Officer and government contractor) in order to provide priceless leadership and solutions to those within his reach. The writings that he has provided to Small Wars Journal, Armed Forces Journal and a verity of other publications can be found at
Mr. Hampsey understands that leadership is dynamics. The approach changes depending on the situational context: projects, issues, staffing and learning new trends. Here are a few core ideologies and traits that have proven to be foundational over the years.

First, the ability to stay focused on the core competencies remains critical. Many people today accept no as an answer too easily. As a leader, the drive to figure out how to get to yes is paramount. At times this means that leaders have to take a moment to understand the problem and pull in the key subject matter experts to help comprehend the task at hand. This is not just the solution for today but understanding the decision for tomorrow as well. Each organization is different on funding streams and approval; therefore, it is important to think about maximizing the decision. Distractions will always come up for a leader. Time is one thing that we do not have enough of; therefore, weigh out the opportunities and focus on complimentary areas that build on the existing competencies as a force multiplier.

Second, leadership is a team effort that works in conjunction with those who are in the organization. Hard decision will have to be made and everyone will not always be happy. Nevertheless, the input of those around the leadership is vital for the cohesion within an organization. Most people, at all levels, have value to bring to the table. Listening is key to building rapport with the staff and allowing them to feel they have ownership within decisions.

Third, understanding cognitive bias and having a process in place to gather the right information at the right time is vital for all leaders. Leadership is a learning person’s game. Find the core group of subject matter experts that can be trusted to increase your awareness about the topic at hand is imperative. Additionally, Russ would highly encourage the leader to take the time to understand the topic in order to validate the information. Checks and balances always need to be in place. A lot of people want to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes it is best to learn what works and the integration of these concepts to save time, energy and money for the organization.

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