Prof. Balakiryan:The California fires showed not only insufficient forest management, but also a chronic helplessness.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, November 20, 2018 / — Of the tens thousand photographs from California, tearing at the heart of any normal person, I chose this one because it is clearly demonstrates our helplessness in the face of these horrific disasters. Look at what weapons our brave firefighters go to fight fire with: one has a fire hose nozzle, the other has a shovel. Such a photograph could have been a fire back in 1826, but we live in the 21st century.

The newest technologies have penetrated into all spheres of our life, while our firefighters still risk their lives with a shovel and a water hose. I believe that every time firefighters are placed in these situations it is the result of someone’s irresponsibility, even criminal negligence… when there is another, safer, faster way.

As firefighters dig trenches with shovels and construction equipment exposing their lives to insane danger, and the support from the limited numbers of planes and helicopters often takes several hours to be available, the fires gain in size, intensity, destruction, and increase the threat to lives.

I think the dominant strategy for extinguishing wildfires today should be focused on using hydrogen capsules. Hydrogen capsules would take about 45 minutes to create a safety alley between a wall of fire and the houses of a city such as Paradise, and the lives of people and their property would be saved. With wildfires getting worse, it is well beyond time to upgrade the primary method of extinguishing these fires, for greater effectiveness, safely, and speed.
It is for this we have created the new Explosive Hydrogen Capsule concept, which when introduced into a fiery inferno produces five beneficial fire suppression actions:

1. The explosive force itself blows out the flames. It is common knowledge that a mixture of hydrogen with oxygen produces tremendous explosive power. Experiments have repeatedly proven that an explosion pushes the flame off of the fuel, like blowing out a candle.

2. The blast wave breaks trees and foliage, putting them on the ground, greatly reducing possible fuel for re-ignition.

3. Tons of soil blown up into the air significantly reduces the contact of potential fuel material with oxygen in the air.

4. Returning to the ground, soil particles act as a blanket covering the smoldering remnants of flame.

5. Right after the explosive hydrogen reaction, what happens was described 250 years ago by renowned English scientist Henry Cavendish: "Hydrogen in a mixture with hot air reacts with the explosion and with the formation of water". This water, covering the burnt trees and ground.

Now, firefighters can come to a site with much less risk of life to follow up and complete their work. The world press described the methods and means of such fire extinguishing as follows: “Mankind has never before possessed such a powerful means as the hydrogen capsules for combating this terribly destructive natural cataclysm.”

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Source: EIN Presswire