Rosoka Software Releases Automated Unstructured Text Analytics for IBM’s ® i2® Analyst’s Notebook®

Rosoka delivers Seamless Integration, Deeper Insights, Better Analysis

HERNDON, VA, USA, January 8, 2019 / — Today, Rosoka Software announces the immediate availability of Rosoka Text Analytics v1.7 for IBM’s® i2® Analyst’s Notebook®. The new Rosoka Text Analytics release seamlessly delivers automated entity and link extraction of multilingual unstructured documents to users of IBM’s i2 Analyst’s Notebook platform. While delivering powerful automated text analytics, the solution provides the IBM i2 analyst with total control over how the extracted entities and relationship are used in analysis and decision making.

The new version of Rosoka Text Analytics turbocharges the ability of IBM’s i2 users to process unstructured documents in over 200 languages. Rosoka automates the identification and tagging of all important entities, and the links between entities, in unstructured documents for the analyst. The entities, links and documents are available in Analyst’s Notebook for vetting, analysis, and the building of meaningful charts to better support the mission.

“The new features of Rosoka Text Analytics v1.7 are driven by market feedback and Rosoka’s commitment to deliver a new level of efficiency and insight to the IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook user community,” said Kurt Michel, President of Rosoka Software. “Rosoka continues to work closely with the IBM i2 experts and users to develop solutions that seamlessly deliver advanced text analytics capabilities that complement Analyst’s Notebook’s powerful multidimensional visualization and analysis capabilities to support fully informed analysis and decision making.”

Rosoka Text Analytics for Analyst’s Notebook Features:
– Automated Entity, Relationship, and Location Extraction: Over 3 dozen entity types, hundreds of relationships and locations are automatically extracted from unstructured documents.
– Instant Analysis of Documents: Unstructured documents are rapidly processed with the important entities and relationships instantly highlighted in the intuitive document viewer.
– Enhanced User Vetting: Users have the ability to review, modify, add or accept the entities and relationships that are extracted.
– Collections: Users can create collections of documents related to specific matters and add new documents to the collection as they are collected.
– Targeted Analysis: Users can quickly find all occurrences of any Entity or Link through an intuitive query.
– Quickly Build Charts: Users have multiple options for sending entities and links to the chart. Building a chart has never been easier.
– Flexible Schema Mapping: The powerful Schema mapping tool allows users to map the Rosoka output to your Organization’s schema.
– Truly Multilingual Document Analysis: Entities and relationships are extracted from over 200 languages simultaneously, eliminating the need to change or load separate dictionaries. Users can also view an English gloss to gain a quick understanding of the document's meaning.

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