World largest Civil Cargo Drone Premiere by Singular Aircraft

Portrait of Singular Aircraft Drone in Lleida airport in cloudy day

Singular Aircraft Drone

Singular Aircraft is demonstrating the world largest civil cargo drone in Dominican Republic this November as a World Premiere.

SPAIN, October 29, 2019 / — Singular Aircraft has been performing flight demonstrations of the brand's flagship, fully autonomous UAV Flyox I in Barahona, Dominican Republic, over the span of 8 days.

Singular Aircraft´s Flyox I is the only amphibious UAV in the world designed for civil purposes of 4,000 KG of Maximum Take Of Weight (MTOW), with speed ranges from 75 to 140Kts. Therefore, demonstrations were part Visual Line Of Sight and part Beyond Visual Line Of Sight in the airport CTR and the segregated area provided.

It has been a total of 8 flights, more than 3,000 Km flown, during more than 20 flight hours. All of which, were fully autonomous operations that were demonstrating different configurations, speeds and manoeuvres using the standard cargo version of this model.

All the flight operations were combined with other planes and helicopters that were using the same airspace and ground control from the tower of Barahona International Airport and from Santo Domingo FIR, with several de-conflicting manoeuvres performed in each and every flight.

The aircraft has performed its flights spectacularly, even when put under unusual weather conditions, as during these operations, the north of the island was hit by hurricane Lorenzo and some of the flights were carried through windy conditions (+30kts) and heavy rain showers.

Video footage & Plane Photographs

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The next flight demonstrations for the Flyox UAV cargo version together with a conference on UAV's in Santo Domingo are scheduled to take place from November 22nd to December 4th.

The Air Drop version will be showcased early next year and the Surveillance version will also be showcased in mid 2020.


Singular Aircraft has designed and is producing the biggest amphibious civil UAV in the market with 5 different configurations: Cargo, Air Drop, Crop Spraying, Firefighting and Surveillance.
The main characteristics are:
• MTOW: 4.000Kg
• Payload: 1,850 Kg
• Endurance: from 6hrs to 30hrs for surveillance
• Twin Engine: 2x360Hp regular 95 octane fuel
• Retractable tail grader Landing Gear
• Lowest direct operational cost in the market
• Fully Autonomous operation (Take 0ff, Climb, Cruise, Approach, Landing)
• Fits in standard 40’ HC maritime container
• Fully customisable
• Take Off and landing on unprepared runways & water

Due to it’s size and capacity the plane is capable to perform many operations that were not possible with other platforms.
Examples of these operations are:

The Cargo version transports to/from runways or lakes any goods aiding logistics and delivers liquids, bulk goods, boxes, etc. at an unbeatable cost.
Eg: autonomous transport of 1.000Kg to 1.000Km from 1.000USD DOC.

The Air Drop version has been designed for humanitarian relief and resupply of remote operations and regions where a runway is not an option and has the capability of delivering up to 1,500kg of goods with a parachute to isolated communities, islands, mining operations, ships, offshore platforms, etc.
Eg: autonomous transport & delivery 1.000Kg to 500Km (1.000Km round trip)

The Crop Spraying plane can spray chemicals, or fertilizers and even seeds from the air. Ej: 16L/Ha conc. We cover 100Ha/h at 2,5USD/Ha DOC.

The Firefighting version is capable of precision water bombing without risking crew’s lives with 24hrs operation (day and night) increasing the efficiency of firefighting operations substantially with fleet operations.
Eg: delivering 30.000 L/h of water for each fire flank.

The Surveillance version has more than 30 hours of endurance whilst carrying 350Kg of radars, electro optics, communication equipment and several other sensors and onboard computers.
Eg: Maritime Exclusive Economic Zone surveillance of 1.000.000 sqKm / flight through Radar, AIS & optical gimbals.

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World Premiere Cargo Drone Show in Barahona International Airport Dominican Republic

Source: EIN Presswire