Four Things You May Not Have Known About the French Foreign Legion Boot Camp

NEW YORK, NY , UNITED STATES, March 23, 2020 / — The French Foreign Legion is a military corps that was founded in 1831 by King Louis-Philippe. It has grown in fame, legend, and reputation ever since. People today still pledge their loyalty to a foreign flag in order to join the ranks.

Interesting Information About the French Foreign Legion Boot Camp

1) The French Foreign Legion Boot Camp lasts for 17 weeks. To put that into perspective the longest boot camp in the United States is 12 weeks, and most boot camps are 8 weeks. This time is designed to truly build a new strong soldier who can aptly deal with any assignment while on duty.

2) The French Foreign Legion has recently increased the standards for recruitment and equipment for joining. Once the branch was known as the one for misfits and criminals to start anew, as this was France's response to an influx of illegal immigrants. Now it still has the transformative abilities through boot camp to make a new person but the requirements are higher from the start.

3) The French Foreign Legion accepts recruits from countries around the globe. When the French Foreign Legion was first founded it was not unusual for military branches in another country to accept people from other nationalities. But it is a unique practice today that makes the Legion stand out. If a person has always dreamed of something completely different for their life, and they are mentally and physically strong it is a path to consider no matter where on the globe they were born.

4) Recruits today want to join for a variety of reasons that include the desire to upgrade their military experience because they do not consider their country's forces adequate and because they want to challenge themselves with the renowned French Foreign Legion Bootcamp.

The French Foreign Legion is known for being tough and a get it done branch of the military that attracts many types of people who are looking to challenge themselves. They are known for accomplishing the task they are set out to do. The French Foreign Legion's motto is Honneur et Fidélité (Honour and Fidelity), unlike many militaries whose motto involves the specific country. This military consists of people from around the globe who have been willing to go through the unique boot camp and come out the other side with Honour and Fidelity for the cause and united with their fellow men in the French Foreign Legion in mind and body.

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