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The American Community Schools of Athens (ACS Athens) was at the forefront of educational methodology when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Empowering Individuals to Transform the World as Architects of their Own Learning”

— American Community Schools of Athens, Greece

CHALANDRI, ATHENS, GREECE, January 19, 2021 / — The American Community Schools of Athens (ACS Athens) was at the forefront of educational methodology when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. A school comprised of faculty, students and administrators, well prepared to deliver curriculum on line, due in part to the schools foresight in the past six years. ACS Athens, trained faculty and students in on-line teaching methodology through the I2Flex model ( I2flex; independent, inquirers who are flexible in learning). Under the leadership of the President, Dr. Peggy Pelonis, the well-designed synchronous and asynchronous sessions, via the Moodle educational platform, allowed faculty to pivot their teaching overnight, in order to be prepared and predict the new normal during the pandemic. Student’s learning continued without missing any portion of the curriculum, because students were already armed with 21st century skills; technology, communication and independent project and problem solving skills.

Dr.Pelonis is a firm believer that transformative educational institutions are catalysts for change in the educational trajectory in the community they serve, as well as the nation, region, and the world. This type of transformation goes beyond the changes often required with the implementation of new programs or new curriculum, teaching methodology, or with the coming of new administrators: it underscores change in the nucleus of the institution, where every unit (individual) adopts and integrates the change, transforming the very core of the institution.

Via a Middle States Association for Colleges and Schools accreditation process, using the highest protocol called “Sustaining Excellence”, ACS Athens has implemented and institutionalized a process whereby professional development involves the engagement of faculty across the school in Action Research. Faculty identify an area of inquiry related to their practice, and then are guided through the process of conducting Action Research by first researching ‘best practices’ in their area of inquiry. Conclusions of such inquiry are followed by the implementation of a new way of instruction; implementing new methodology or revising an old way of doing things. Data is collected, feedback is provided by peers and administrators and conclusions are made about the efficacy of the revised and researched practices. This process ensures reflective practitioners who continuously update, revise and perfect their craft. During the onset of COVID0-19 pandemic, ACS Athens faculty became even more inquisitive about online learning, thus leading as pioneers in the education world new normal.

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