Longshore Act in Action – Real-World Cases






This blog covers some real-world cases so you can better understand how the Longshore and Harbor Workers’
Compensation Act works in real time.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, May 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — You have probably, at some point in your life, looked at the instructions on a piece of furniture that you buy at Target or IKEA and think, “Sure, that looks as easy as 1-2-3, there’s just a few steps here.” Has it then played out that when you actually try to put that piece of furniture together it is like you are living a nightmare from which you can never escape?

You have also probably looked at a recipe before the big dinner, maybe when you are shopping for the ingredients, and said to yourself, “No problem, this recipe looks easy, I got this.” Then, has it happened that you can’t seem to get it all together when you are actually trying to cook the meal, or your dinner looks like a slightly brown, squished version of the picture in the cookbook?

Strangely enough, those real-life examples tell us something about the law as well. Many times, you can read a statute, rule, or regulation and think that it seems to make sense and it seems pretty clear. Yet, when you actually try to apply that statute, rule, or regulation to a certain situation, all of the sudden you find that a word is ambiguous or does not quite fit with the specific facts with which you are dealing.

It is for that reason that you should periodically have a check in, where you see a law in action to understand how it really works. With regard to the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (Longshore Act), we can blog about different provisions, discuss situs and status, and even define the difference between scheduled and unscheduled injuries. However, applying those rules and definitions to examples demonstrates how the Longshore Act works in action, in the real world.

Accordingly, we are going to provide you with some recent Longshore Act cases that will help give a little perspective and context to the abstract rules that we often discuss in our Longshore Act and Defense Base Act blogs.

Of course, if you are dealing with a work-related injury yourself, and want to learn more about the Longshore Act rules that apply to your specific situation, do not hesitate to call the top workers’ comp attorneys in Jacksonville, FL – Doolittle & Tucker – for a free consultation today. You can schedule time with one of our top-notch Longshore Act attorneys by calling 904-396-1734.

Recent Case #1: The Widow and the Third-Party Settlements

In the case of Beverly Hale v. BAE, a ship repair worker died as a result of exposure to asbestos in his employment. Two of his daughters filed lawsuits in court against the asbestos manufacturers. In addition, the worker’s widow filed Longshore Act claim for survivor’s benefits.

Under the Longshore Act (Section 33 to be exact), an injured worker or the family of a deceased worker may sue for the work-related injuries in court, but an employer may off-set any money it would have paid to an injured or deceased worker if that worker (or his family) received money from those lawsuits. In other words, if someone is getting money from a lawsuit, then the employer can factor in that income when determining how much to pay in workers’ compensation benefits.

The issue in the case became: Will the widow’s survivor benefits be reduced because the widow may receive money from the two lawsuits brought by the daughters?

The widow tried to avoid losing survivor benefits through the Longshore Act by signing two disclaimers, renouncing her interest in the two lawsuits. However, the daughters ultimately settled the lawsuits on behalf of the deceased worker’s “heirs.” The widow was one of the worker’s “heirs.”

The Department of Labor’s Administrative Law Judge decided that the widow’s disclaimers were not enough, and that the employer could reduce her Longshore Act benefits based on the fact that she was an “heir” who would receive money from the settlement of the two lawsuits. On appeal, the Benefits Review Board agreed.

The moral of this case. Section 33 of the Longshore Act allows the family of a deceased worker to sue third parties in court based on an employment-related death. However, that same section also provides that the amount of benefits a family member can receive under the Longshore Act will be reduced based on the money received from the lawsuit.

Recent Case #2: The Word “Employee” and the Clerical Exclusion

As you may know, the Longshore Act provides workers’ compensation for certain types of employees. Specifically, under the Act an “employee” is any person engaged in maritime employment, including a longshoreman or person engaging in longshoring operations. It also covers any harbor worker such as a shipbuilder, ship repairman, or ship breaker.

Importantly, Section 2(3)(A) of the Longshore Act (the so-called “clerical exception”) states that the term “employee” does not include: “Individuals employed exclusively to perform office clerical, secretarial, security, or data processing work.”

In the case of Motton v. Huntington Ingalls Indus., a person with the title of Drawing Clerk made a claim under the Longshore Act. Her duties were to retrieve documents from trade workers (such as blueprints), verify that they were current, and then check them in and out, similar to a library. Her duties did not involve boarding ships.

The Administrative Law Judge denied Longshore Act benefits, finding that she fell under the clerical exception. Ms. Motton, however, claimed that she should be covered because her duties, though clerical, were essential to the loading and unloading of vessels. The Benefits Review Board affirmed the denial of benefits because the specific clerical exception superseded the fact that her functions were essential to operations.

The Drawing Clerk was covered, however, by the state’s workers’ compensation law instead.

The moral of this case. Be aware that there are exceptions to coverage under the Longshore Act, the clerical exception being one. So, if you work at a dock, consider whether your duties may be considered “clerical” and therefore outside the Longshore Act.

Understand the Longshore Act with the Help of a Solid Workers’ Comp Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

That’s all the case law for now. If you have a work-related injury that might be covered under the Longshore Act, call the expert workers’ comp attorneys in Jacksonville, FL – Doolittle & Tucker. We are ready to help you. Contact us at 904-396-1734.

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How Do I Determine If I am Covered Under the Longshore and Harbor Workers´ Compensation Act (LHWCA)?

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Dynama appoints Andrew Lloyd as Managing Director with a focus on growth

Dynama is poised for growth and with the right strategic focus we can be central in helping our customers meet their workforce goals today and tomorrow.”

— Andrew Lloyd, Managing Director, Dynama

LONDON, UK, May 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dynama, an Allocate company and a global supplier of workforce and resource management solutions, today announced the appointment of Andrew Lloyd as Managing Director. Lloyd has over two decades of senior executive experience working for technology companies and specifically in the workforce management sector. Andrew Lloyd joins Dynama from Corero Network Security Plc and was previously Chief Customer Officer for private equity-backed Workplace Systems, where he was instrumental in the growth, turnaround and subsequent strategic sale of the company.

Nick Wilson, CEO of Allocate Software Group, said, “Andrew brings with him proven experience of leading companies in the workforce management sector. His understanding of Dynama’s market and the importance of delivering on our commitments to customers will be invaluable in the coming years. Dynama’s track record in the defence and maritime industries has given it a loyal customer base. This combined with proven delivery of evolving and innovative technology provides an excellent foundation to grow the business. Andrew’s credentials and customer-focused philosophy puts us in a firm position to achieve our long-term goals.”

Andrew Lloyd has spent his career at a number of companies in the technology sector with a focus on customer delight. While at Workplace Systems, he led the commercial transformation from on-premise solutions to a cloud-based product, resulting in significant new customer acquisitions, industry leading customer retention rates, high levels of customer advocacy and positive financial returns for the investors.

Andrew Lloyd, Managing Director at Dynama said, “Dynama is poised for growth and with the right strategic focus we can be central in helping our customers meet their workforce goals today and tomorrow. Joining at this time enables me to help accelerate the impact of Dynama’s Software-as-a-Service solution, OneView. We will concentrate on delighting and retaining customers such that they become our strongest advocates.

“Dynama has a wealth of experience in workforce management gained as the result of the dedicated work by its talented team. Combining this rich experience with our graduate cohort, at the start of their careers, provides a dynamic environment that will both challenge and keep us moving forward. Our workforce truly mirrors that of our customer base, including making sure that we have the right people in the right place, who are engaged and focused on delivering a great customer experience. I’m looking forward to taking the helm at this exciting time and working with the global Dynama team.”

Andrew Lloyd’s previous appointments include President, Director, EVP-Sales & Marketing at Corero Network Security Plc, Vice President-Security Management at CA Ltd and e-Business Program Director at Oracle Corp. He is a graduate of Heriot Watt University.

Mary Phillips
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Attorney Mark Whitehead Explains the VA Compensation Process During Interview

Disability attorney Marc Whitehead

Disability attorney Marc Whitehead

Disability attorney Whitehead explained the complexities and challenges involved with seeking veterans compensation claims.

Anytime a veteran has a disabling condition that affects them physically at whatever stage of life they happen to be in, they can file a claim for veteran’s compensation. ”

— Attorney Marc Whitehead

HOUSTON, TX, USA , May 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Disability attorney Marc Whitehead recently spoke with AskTheLawyers.com™ about veterans’ disability benefits.

In the interview, attorney Whitehead explained the complexities and challenges involved with seeking veterans compensation claims.

He explained that veterans compensation requires a service-related injury sustained while the claimant was enlisted. He gave an overview of the entire process and explained what a claimant can expect, including how long it takes to receive compensation. He said that lawyers are not allowed to help a claimant in the process unless a denial is issued. Many claims are denied due to an alleged lack of evidence of a disabling injury. After a denial, Whitehead urges contacting an attorney to help with your appeal. He also explained whether or not an attorney needs to be accredited with the VA system, the prospect of receiving Social Security Disability benefits in addition to veterans compensation, and what family members of deceased veterans can do to receive benefits.

Whitehead said VA compensation can apply toward any incident or illness.

“Anytime a veteran has a disabling condition that affects them physically at whatever stage of life they happen to be in, they can file a claim for veteran’s compensation,” he said.

He gave an example of an officer in the Air Force working on a plane who fell and hurt his back. At the time, it seemed like a minor injury. However, 30-some years later, that same claimant began experiencing massive back pain. Whitehead helped the main obtain benefits based on his service-related injury.

Marc Whitehead is a disability attorney based in Houston, TX, who handles cases nationwide. He is the founding partner of Marc Whitehead & Associates, and he has been handling claims for nearly 30 years. He focuses his practice on personal injury litigation, ERISA claims, Social Security Disability law, probate law, commercial litigation, and veterans disability compensation. He can be reached at 888-367-1611.

Kimberly Busch
AskTheLawyers.com™, LLC
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How Can Injured Veterans Get Disability Benefits?

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3 presentations not be missed at the Future Armoured Vehicles Weapon Systems Conference 2019

FAVWS 2019 Conference

FAVWS 2019 Conference

SMi Reports: French DGA, Netherlands TNO and Lockheed Martin to exclusively present at the Future Armoured Vehicles Weapons Systems Conference in June

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — With three weeks to go, SMi Group has announced three presentations not to be missed at the Future Armoured Vehicles Weapon Systems Conference taking place on 5th-6th June at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK.

This year, the conference will include focused and high-level discussions featuring technical managers and project engineers from both military and industry. Delegates can expect:

• Host nations technical briefings with insights into firepower of the future from DSTL – UK MoD.
• A key focus on main battle tank weapon systems, anti-tank guided missile integration, cased telescoped ammunition, and beyond-line-of-sight firepower.
• Updates and exclusive technical briefing’s on next generation weapon systems within key French and Dutch programmes including the JAGUAR.

Now in its fourth year, Future Armoured Vehicles Weapons Systems provides the ideal platform for a high-level meeting between key military personnel involved in munition and armament systems for armoured combat vehicles, and leaders from the most forward-thinking NATO-aligned military nations.

With this in mind, here are three presentations not to miss at the conference:

1. French DGA will present A Technical Assessment of JAGUAR Integrated Weapon Systems Capabilities

• CTAS cannon and ammunition handling system, reducing signature and increasing firepower
• Greater fire control and target acquisition for effectiveness across urban and open environments
• Integrating missile launch capabilities for greater range and anti-tank capabilities
• Ensuring effective armour across weapon systems for enhanced survivability

2. Netherlands TNO will present Research and Development for Greater Beyond Line of Sight Firepower Capabilities

• An S&T perspective on the development of new technology of greater beyond-line of sight firepower capabilities
• Achieving greater range and accuracy in indirect fire
• Testing and evaluating beyond-line of sight weapon systems
• Challenges in integrating indirect fire systems onto armoured platforms

3. Lockheed Martin will present Evolution or Revolution? The Future of Battlefield Lethality

• Game-changing technologies in Armoured Vehicle evolution since 1939
• Developing a teaming approach:
• Mounted-Dismounted Teaming
• Direct-Indirect fires Teaming
• Manned-Unmanned Teaming
• Is ‘lighter and faster’ a realistic approach?
• A way forward

View the full two-day agenda and speaker line-up at the event website: www.fav-ws.com/einpr

For those interested in attending, the conference convenes in three weeks so places are limited. You can book your place at www.fav-ws.com/einpr

Special rates are available for military and government representatives. For more information please contact Damien Howard on +44 (0) 207 827 6736 or dhoward@smi-online.co.uk

Future Armoured Vehicles Weapons Systems
5th – 6th June 2019
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London

Proudly sponsored by: CMI Defence, Leonardo, Nexter and Uvision.

For sponsorship enquiries contact Justin Predescu at +44 (0) 20 7827 6130 or jpredescu@smi-online.co.uk

For media enquiries, please contact Natasha Boumediene on email: nboumediene@smi-online.co.uk

About SMi Group:
Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at http://www.smi-online.co.uk

Natasha Boumediene
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Modular Concepts, Inc. Introduces Sonic Brand

Modular Concepts, Inc. – Official Logo

FORT WORTH, TX, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Modular Concepts, Inc., a leading SBA 8(a) modular construction company introduces its sonic brand. The company sound includes a sonic logo, and a Brand-Sound-Track™ that will be used throughout all marketing efforts.

Modular Concepts collaborated with PHMG, a leader in audio branding to create this exclusive sound. The melody evoques MCI’s friendly, professional, trustworthy, and innovative characteristics depicting our modular construction performance.

“The purpose of our four-second audio logo is for customers to associate it with our company wherever it is heard” said Jaynee Young, Marketing Director, Modular Concepts, Inc. “The new sound gives MCI a contemporary and distinct edge.”

The development of our sonic brand leads the way in improving our digital footprint. To listen to our sonic logo, please visit our YouTube Channel.

About Modular Concepts, Inc.

Modular Concepts, Inc. is an SBA 8(a) Certified Minority-Owned General Contractor in Fort Worth, TX. Since 2011, MCI has been providing temporary and permanent commercial modular building solutions across the U.S. We proudly serve government, commercial, healthcare, and education industries. Services include design-build, engineering, ICD 705 standards, data communications, fire and safety, furniture and equipment, lease and purchase options. To learn more, please visit www.modularci.com.

Jaynee Young
Modular Concepts, Inc.
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Audio Press Release – Modular Concepts, Inc. Introduces Sonic Brand

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Certification of Veteran Businesses

The country’s leading Certification Organization for SD/VOBs of all sizes.

Cigna Logo

At Cigna, we’re more than a health insurance company. We’re a global health service company.

We have a strong tradition of supporting veterans and veteran-owned businesses, as well as organizations that create opportunities for people with different backgrounds, experiences, and abilities.”

— Tony Abate, Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Cigna

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The National Veterans Business Development Council (NVBDC) is proud to announce Cigna as their latest corporate member. NVBDC is the leading certification agency who work with businesses of all sizes, and help to facilitate opportunity and access for its certified Service Disabled and Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOBs). Cigna is a global health service company with millions of customers worldwide. With a focus on inclusion and diversity, Cigna recognizes the significance of working with certified veteran business owners.

“We are excited to work with The National Veterans Business Development Council,” said Cigna’s Tony Abate, Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer. “We have a strong tradition of supporting veterans and veteran-owned businesses, as well as organizations that create opportunities for people with different backgrounds, experiences, and abilities. Our work with the NVBDC is another example of how such relationships create real value for everyone.”

Cigna is committed to their Supplier Diversity program and works towards inclusion in all aspects of their operations. “NVBDC is honored to work with a global company with over 200 years of service. Our mission is strengthened when we have strong corporate members such as Cigna who believe that a diverse supply chain is key to their success,” said Keith King, President NVBDC. “A great place for our Veterans to get started is to register on Cigna’s supplier diversity websites: http://Cigna.supplier.ariba.com/ad/selfRegistration and https://ascend.cvmsolutions.com/Register/Index?client=cigna.”

Veteran focused Diversity Spending Programs are an $80 billion-dollar market in the United States. Other corporations who support the NVBDC in certifying SD/VOBs include the 28 member corporations of the Billion Dollar Roundtable, and corporations such as, Kellogg's, General Motors, Ford, JP Morgan Chase & Co., PPG, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Minnesota, Facebook, BMW, Google, Microsoft, Apple and many more.

NVBDC’s Mission:
The NVBDC is the only Veteran Owned Business Certification organization developed by Veterans, for Veterans. The purpose is to provide a credible and reliable certifying authority for all size businesses ensuring that valid documentation exists of Veteran ownership and control.
FIND US. LIKE US. FOLLOW US. JOIN US. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Keith King
National Veteran Business Development Council
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British Army and Royal Air Force announced to present at SMi’s UAV Technology conference in London

SMi reports: SO1 Robotics and Autonomous Systems, British Army & Remotely Piloted Air Systems:Programme Manager (Reaper & Protector), Royal Air Force to present

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — SMi’s UAV Technology conference 2019, will take place on the 30th September – 1st October 2019 in London. For those who are interested in attending there is a £300 early bird discount, if registering before 31st May 2019.

>> Register here <<

With the UK MoD's Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) awarded £2.5m to develop drone swarm technology, as well as another £2m competition unveiled to develop counter-UAS technology, and £31m allocated to develop new mini-drones, now has never been a better time to attend SMi's 4th annual UAV Technology conference 2019.

Money from the £160m Transformation Fund will provide troops with an eye-in-the-sky to give them greater awareness to outmanoeuvre enemies on the battlefield. The fund will also develop swarm squadrons of network enabled drones capable of confusing and overwhelming enemy air defences. UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced, “As the security threats from hostile drones are evolving at pace, it’s critical that our armed forces benefit from the very latest technology to stay ahead".

Find out more about how the UK MoD plan to stay ahead of near peer adversaries through unmanned technology and capabilities including UAS, Counter-UAS, tactical drones, swarm technology & more at the conference taking place on 30th September -1st October 2019.

Key figures from the Royal Air Force and British Army will be presenting exclusively at the upcoming event:
Wing Commander Judith Graham, PM Reaper & Protector, Royal Air Force will present: Delivering Next Generation Unmanned Aerial Capabilities to the RAF for 21st Century Air Operations
• Outlining the RAF's vision for future unmanned aerial capabilities
• Protector – the next generation of unmanned asset for RAF ISR
• Assessing lethality options for Protector for CAS and tactical strike capabilities
• Future requirements for RAF RPAS

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Craig, SO1 Robotics and Autonomous Systems, British Army will present: Small Unmanned Aerial Systems: Delivering a Tactical Edge to the Warfighter
• British Army approaches to small and tactical UAS in support of ground operations
• Supporting wide area surveillance and targeting & application of precision effects
• The role of small tactical UAS and manned/unmanned teaming within the Army Warfighting Experiment
• Future unmanned capabilities for the British dismounted soldier

To find out who else will be presenting at the conference, download the conference brochure at www.uav-technology.org/EINPR

Those who register by the 31st May at www.uav-technology.org/EINPR can secure a £300 discount.

UAV Technology Conference
30th September and 1st October 2019
Copthorne Tara Hotel
London, United Kingdom

The conference is proudly sponsored by Black Diamond Advanced Technology, Leonardo and Mynaric AG.
For sponsorship and exhibition queries, please contact Justin Predescu on jpredescu@smi-online.co.uk
For delegate queries, please contact Damien Howard on dhoward@smi-online.co.uk
For media queries, please contact Natasha Boumediene at nboumediene@smi-online.co.uk.

—- END —-
About SMi Group: Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at http://www.smi-online.co.uk

Natasha Boumediene
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Global Light box Market Growth Opportunities 2019, Price, Sale, Supply, Demand, Manufacturers, Types, Use and more…

A new market study, titled “Global Light box Market Report 2019 – Market Size, Share, Price, Trend and Forecast”, has been featured on WiseGuyReports.

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, May 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Light box Market

This report studies the global Light Box market status and forecast, categorizes the global Light Box market size (value & volume) by manufacturers, type, application, and region. Global Light Box Market Report 2019 – Market Size, Share, Price, Trend and Forecast is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global Light Box industry.

Top Key Players Include 
For complete companies list, please ask for sample pages.

Request Free Sample Report at https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/3975110-global-light-box-market-report-2019-market-size-share-price-trend-and-forecast

The information for each competitor includes: 
Company Profile 
Main Business Information 
SWOT Analysis 
Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin 
Market Share 

For product type segment, this report listed main product type of Light Box market 
T4 fluorescent bulb

For end use/application segment, this report focuses on the status and outlook for key applications. End users are also listed. 
Public places 

For geography segment, regional supply, application-wise and type-wise demand, major players, price is presented from 2013 to 2023. This report covers following regions: 
North America 
South America 
Asia & Pacific 
MEA (Middle East and Africa)

The key countries in each region are taken into consideration as well, such as United States, China, Japan, India, Korea, ASEAN, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, CIS, and Brazil etc.

Reasons to Purchase this Report:
Analyzing the outlook of the market with the recent trends and SWOT analysis 
Market dynamics scenario, along with growth opportunities of the market in the years to come 
Market segmentation analysis including qualitative and quantitative research incorporating the impact of economic and non-economic aspects 
Regional and country level analysis integrating the demand and supply forces that are influencing the growth of the market. 
Market value (USD Million) and volume (Units Million) data for each segment and sub-segment 
Competitive landscape involving the market share of major players, along with the new projects and strategies adopted by players in the past five years 
Comprehensive company profiles covering the product offerings, key financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis, and strategies employed by the major market players 
1-year analyst support, along with the data support in excel format.

We also can offer customized report to fulfill special requirements of our clients. Regional and Countries report can be provided as well.

Table of Content
Chapter 1 Executive Summary
Chapter 2 Abbreviation and Acronyms
Chapter 3 Preface 
Chapter 4 Market Landscape 
Chapter 5 Market Trend Analysis 
Chapter 6 Industry Chain Analysis 
Chapter 7 Latest Market Dynamics 
Chapter 8 Trading Analysis 
Chapter 9 Historical and Current Light box in North America (2013-2018) 
Chapter 10 Historical and Current Light box in South America (2013-2018) 
Chapter 11 Historical and Current Light box in Asia & Pacific (2013-2018) 
Chapter 12 Historical and Current Light box in Europe (2013-2018) 
Chapter 13 Historical and Current Light box in MEA (2013-2018) 
Chapter 14 Summary for Global Light box (2013-2018) 
Chapter 15 Global Light box Forecast (2019-2023) 
Chapter 16 Analysis of Global Key Vendors 

View Detailed Report at https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/3975110-global-light-box-market-report-2019-market-size-share-price-trend-and-forecast

About Us:
Wise Guy Reports is part of the Wise Guy Research Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and offers premium progressive statistical surveying, market research reports, analysis & forecast data for industries and governments around the globe.   

Contact Us:
NORAH TRENT                                                      
Ph: +1-646-845-9349 (US)                          
Ph: +44 208 133 9349 (UK)      

646-845-9349 (US), +44 208 133 9349 (UK)
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Letters spell COVE with a seguel head in the lettering

blockchain wifi security

New COVE device uses blockchain tech to create a distributed certificate management system. With no connection to external servers, users surf anonymously.

COVE uses blockchain technology to create a distributed certificate management system.”

— Michael A. Echols – Partner at Cove Security

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — A former Homeland Security Cyber Director Michael Echols and Blockchain developer / Media owner Teemu Airamo, announced the launch of COVE Security — COVE stands for Cyber-Open View Encryption. It is a zero knowledge virtual network security device. When plugged into a power source, COVE hides the data flowing to dangerously unsecure public WiFi networks.

In recent years, the number of data security breaches has soared and cybersecurity experts concede that use of public WiFi is a contributor. Connection in malls, co-working spaces, airports and coffee shops give hackers unauthorized wireless access to the data of unsuspecting WiFi users.

Although VPNs are typically used to protect private web traffic, technology experts have also identified several issues with using VPN products. Among the concerns, VPNs keep logs of their users and reduce network speed by as much as 90%.

COVE provides the protection of traditional VPNs, but has new bleeding edge features.

COVE uses blockchain technology to create a distributed certificate management system.

This means it has no single point of failure. Additionally, COVE never connects to external servers like VPNs do, that gives users the ability to surf anonymously. These features help users to securely access available WiFi networks.

"A company in the same co-working location where we have offices were exposing medical records while using public WiFi. This type of exposure leads to greater intrusion opportunities for hackers, says Teemu Airamo, Partner at COVE Security.

However, it’s not just hackers that web surfers should be worried about — a large number of companies are taking advantage of the new more lenient regulations. There are few consumer protections dissuading their selling of internet user data and browsing history. These business entities are racing to package and deliver information to buyers that may include nation-states.

"We developed COVE to minimize digital risk for all WiFi users. This device will provide security for millions of people across the world,” says COVE Security Partner Michael Echols.

“Our goal is to provide an effective all-in-one solution to guard privacy during those times when a person has to use public WiFi as well as when it is the only option at work. COVE Security devices allow users to surf the web anonymously from any location without leaving any traces of browsing history.” This is a major security advancement,” Airamo concludes.

COVE is being launched as a private beta via its token offering and blockchain authentication services. The company is currently negotiating with government, industry and academic partners.

About Michael Echols:

Michael Echols spent ten years at the Department of Homeland Security. In 2015, Mr. Echols became the White House point person for the rollout of Presidential Executive Order 13691 – Promoting Private Sector Cyber Information Sharing. Most recently Mr. Echols authored five Forbes articles and was featured on a PBS cybersecurity special. Mr. Echols has also led two organizations to CSO50 Award honors for information sharing in the last three years. He is currently on the Health and Human Services CISA Cyber Awareness Task Force.

Mr. Echols also chaired the Communications Sector and the International Network Security Information Exchange (NSIE). Additionally, he managed the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), 30 Chief Executive Officer level NSTAC members who represent IT, Defense and Communications companies producing communications policy recommendation for the President of the United States.

Media Contact:


Aleksandra Pelszynska
Max Cybersecurity LLC
+1 202-499-6855
email us here

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Solar Stik to give talk on High Efficiency in Portable Power at 2019 Expeditionary Power & Energy Summit!

Expeditionary Power & Energy Summit

Expeditionary Power & Energy Summit

 LTC USA Retired John Gumpf

LTC USA Retired John Gumpf

Solar Stik®, Inc will be sponsoring the Expeditionary Power & Energy Summit May 15 through 16 at the Mary M. Gates Learning Center in Alexandria, VA.

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Solar Stik®, Inc will be sponsoring the Expeditionary Power & Energy Summit May 15 through 16 at the Mary M. Gates Learning Center in Alexandria, VA. The two-day event focuses on the technologies and policies necessary to support the use of power and energy in an operational environment and will include the most respected minds in military energy as well as key policy makers across military and civilian offices.

Solar Stik has been providing expeditionary power and energy solutions to the Warfighter for the past decade. Solar Stik Team Members attending the 2019 summit include CW4, USA Retired Ronaldo Lachica and LTC, USA Retired John Gumpf. Gumpf will be conducting a technology presentation titled Transitioning to High Efficiency in the Portable Power Space. LTC Retired Gumpf’s presentation will address the last hurdle in the paradigm shift of providing electrical power to consumers. This last hurdle concerns culture change in portable power that is pioneered by Solar Stik as a market leader in portable hybrid power systems designed for military applications. Gumpf will talk about the integration of intelligent power management, generator auto-start/stop, energy storage, and renewables into efficient power systems that provide the capabilities necessary to sustain Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).

Gumpf has over 25 years of experience with military power and previously served as a Branch Chief for Operational Energy for the Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC). Lachica is an expert on current and future expeditionary power developments in support of DoD operations and also has over 25 years of experience providing tactical, electric power and logistics support to operational military units.

The talk will take place at 12:30 p.m. on May 15.

All Solar Stik Team Members will be available for the duration of the event to discuss Operational Energy solutions that offer significant fuel demand reduction and lessen delivery requirements by over 50%. They are standing by to discuss how a modular and scalable expeditionary power system provides autonomy, continuous operation, and extended operational endurance for your unit. Additionally, the Team is waiting to tailor systems for specific requirements to assist your unit in maintaining MDO with rugged, reliable power.

As Solar Stik says, “Your Mission is your Focus. Providing the Power for it is Ours.”

The Solar Stik Team members will also be demonstrating a 2kW hybrid power system (HPS) that features the company’s latest power management and energy storage modules designed to provide resilient capabilities to small teams conducting dispersed operations in a contested environment. The 2kW HPS includes auto-start/stop integration with the Novatio man-portable generators that operate on JP-8 thus maintaining the single-fuel concept. The hybridized operation enabled by the single-case PRO-Verter S 2000 further reduces sustainment demands by its ability to maximize the power generated from the fuel consumed by the generator. The PRO-Verter S 2000 also has the capability to accept and process solar power allowing for reduced fuel consumption and generator maintenance which in turn increases Soldier lethality. The man-portable Li Expander Pak 1300s included with the 2kW HPS offer the highest energy density of any battery in its class.

Check out the 2kW HPS while learning more about Solar Stik’s system architecture and other expeditionary power and energy solutions in between sessions with the Solar Stik Team.

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